The backend loan system.

The Credit Scoring Engine

The platform has a machine learning based credit scoring engine (CSE) that scores the credit worthiness of customers based on their mobile data and bio data.
This data sets give a 360 degree view of the customer from their habits to their income and expenditure frequencies and amounts.

The Fraud Mitigation Engine

The platform has an inbuilt real-time fraud mitigation algorithm that assesses the data integrity and flags potential customers that are deemed fraudulent.

credit scoring engine

What you'll get from Weza.

We offer different options to fit your business, with various levels of customization.

Customizable lending App

You can get a micro lending app and platform customized to your needs that you can offer to your customers right away.

API intergrations

You can take advantage of our credit scroring platform by integrating your lending system with ours through the APIs that we offer.

Website intergrations

Get code snippet to intergrate to your current ecommerce website to allow prequalified customers to purchase on credit.

Performance dashboards

We provide customizable dashboards with all customer details as you may need them to monitor your business performance..


Tailor made lending platforms

We tailor make end to end lending platforms for both Closed user group lending businesses and Open-ended lending businesses.

Closed User Group Lending Businesses

Lending to pre-qualified clients such as employees of specific companies, specific retailers, members of SACCOs and Chamas.

The default risk is mainly mitigated by the closed user group internal processes. e.g. lending to SACCO members with a certain minimum fund balance, or the need for guarantors.

closed user group lending

Open-ended Lending Businesses

Lending to the general public that meet certain criteria.

The default risk is mitigated through the credit scoring and fraud mitigation tools embedded in the lending platform.

open ended lending

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